Looking for Warranty Master? You've found us. 

We’re no longer just a warranty lookup tool, and we needed a new name to reflect that. ScalePad is the platform to monitor vital business insights for MSPs & IT Service Providers, with key tools to quickly resolve client issues.

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The warranty lookup tool that started it all

Manually searching for warranty dates is soul-crushing and time-consuming. ScalePad automatically pulls warranty information from 40+ OEMs and consolidates the data in one place. Sound familiar? We used to be called Warranty Master.

ScalePad supercharges your MSP

Deduped Data

Digital Maturity Index (DMI)

Instant Surfacing of High-Risk Assets

Jargon-Free Reporting

Welcome to modern asset lifecycle management

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Get the most out of your RMM & PSA data

ScalePad integrates with 30+ tools in your stack. You automatically get accurate, de-duped data you can actually use.

"ScalePad easily integrates and syncs with all of the tools in our stack, allowing our team to focus on our clients instead of combing through duplicated data."

Stacy Kulhanek
Operations Manager, NetSource One

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Get hardware data from 40+ major players

Copying and pasting serial numbers all day is a pain in the assets. Access real-time, accurate, and up-to-date warranty data from all top manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more in ScalePad.

"The primary reason for us to be a customer is for the asset lifecycle reports. They aggregate the warranty dates from so many different vendors in one place. It’s effortless and that lets us focus on keeping our clients informed about their environments."

Mat Kordell 
Co-founder & VP of Operations, CyberStreams

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Finally, super-accurate data

ScalePad automatically pulls data from your RMM, PSA, and more. Accurate and de-duped hardware, software, and warranty data is delivered in one pane.

"ScalePad slashes our admin work by 90%. We no longer have to verify that our data is accurate since it is integrated with all our systems and runs automatically in the background."

Chris Leiker 
President, More Power Technology Group

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DMI™: The credit score
for tech

ScalePad’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI™) allows you to benchmark your clients’ infrastructure with a dynamic, unbiased score of the current state of their environment.

"DMI gives us a 30,000 foot view of our clients’ overall environments. At a glance, I know the general health status of every client’s environment."

Matt Clarin
President, Hungerford Technologies

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Waste less time searching for aging and risky client assets. ScalePad automatically surfaces critical issues so you can focus on solving problems, not finding them. Get insights you can take action on in just clicks with Strategy.

Insights into key opportunities with Strategy

"Turning data into insightful information is key. So is the rate at which it’s converted. In just a few clicks, ScalePad presents us with a view of actionable items among our client base."

Sean Kline
President & CEO, TurboTek

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Reports that talk tech for the people that don’t

Communicating risk doesn’t have to be complicated. Show clients the issues in their environment with simple, ready-made, and easy-to-understand reports.

"Our clients like the ScalePad reports more than anything else we share with them because, especially for clients that don’t have any technical leadership, they see it as something spoken in plain English: how old something is, if there's a warranty, what to budget for, or what to buy. It’s the most high-value report we have."

Brendan Cosgrove
COO, TeamLogicIT

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